Baking With Intolerances

Over two years ago, I discovered that I was intolerant to dairy, egg white and yeast – which basically can be found in all of my favourite things to eat – and I can understand first-hand how hard it is to adjust to eating and baking foods that have been made free from. Not only this but I know how much of a challenge it can first seem to cater for people with intolerances too.


Since finding out about my own intolerances, I have been determined to discover and develop recipes for homemade treats which pass the test with my own friends and family and ultimately don’t make you feel like you are going without just because you can’t eat certain foods.


So whether you are after an indulgent treat for yourself or you are hosting guests with intolerances, I will be sharing my most fool-proof and delicious free from bakes here at Very Vanilla and I hope you enjoy making them as much as you and your guests enjoy eating them!

Daisy x